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Welcome to RightNxt

RightNXT is the local expert, and an easy to use online resource for finding useful information and insights on local businesses and nearby retailers.

RightNXT provides you the glimpse of all local outlets that helps you to choose which outlet is the right one for you to visit. We empower you with much needed information like “unique or additional services an outlet provides, regular or special variety an outlet deals in, currently running offers, ambiance of the outlet, experience of fellow workers/buyers and much more”.

With this rare, but readily available information, buyers can check the entire nearby Market online and choose the appropriate outlet 'Quickly & Efficiently'.

Now inefficiencies like 'Visiting the misleading outlets and coming out with disappointment, wasting time in searching the right outlet, facing vendors' misbehavior, finding the outlets closed on Mondays and opened on Sundays, .... are minimized however efficiencies like shortlisting the right places, saving Fuel & Money by visiting the appropriate outlets, visiting the outlet virtually beforehand and being familiar with the vendor's behavior in advance are maximized.

Each month, millions of buyers have been getting the advantage of finding valuable business information, From Driving directions & Hours of operation to Web Links & Customer Reviews.

So, come up and pace up your shopping.

Our Vision

To facilitate the buyers with the efficient, tireless, effort free & economical shopping mechanism which paces up the buyers' entire shopping process while keeping the buyers' more informed and equipped with the relevant information that helps them in picking up or choosing the appropriate outlet rather than making the random unknown visits in the market.

Why we built RightNXT

People are busy in the modern world. To pace up with the fast running world, they have found a shortcut of online shopping. However, they know the consequences of online shopping too. They know it’s a hit and trail game. They may get the product of good or bad quality, at appropriate price or hiked rates, within the desired timeline or delayed, return issues and the list goes endless while the only convenience that you get is the relief from commuting and the transportation expense. However, many a times, you end up paying the delivery charges too.

So, why do we still think shopping online is a smart move??
Would you not like to have something that could give you the option of choosing the bests at appropriate rates, with almost no waiting time and at your most suitable convenience while you know the vendor personally, product directly.

Yes, it can happen when you know which shop exactly you need to visit and shop at.

Also knowing local is a necessity. Imagine you happen to move to a new city and need to have your car washed at a reasonably priced good car wash center. Now, your next move would be to ask someone in your network or neighborhood etc.

So, RightNxt shows you all the shops online, provides the information about all of the services they provide, the way they service and much more. In short, it enables you to choose the most suitable, that too independently and most efficiently And will help you get things done in your city in a fun and easy way.

How we help local shoppers?

We help you to find the right merchant.

For Example when you're looking for a Medical Shop, Plumber, Restaurant or a Car Dealer you need simple, upfront and concrete reviews.

We get you those clearer reviews along with the Businesses view (in the form of outlet's Videos and Photos), social recommendations, customer testimonials, and tools that let you talk directly to the real merchants.

You can also connect with your friends in your network and check on their views about the business you want to reach to.

How we help merchants?

More advertisement- More customers, More business, More profits. No advertisement- less customers, less business and less profits. We have designed the solutions that would help the merchants to showcase their business 24*7, to pitch in and reach their customers in the most economical way.

We help you to:

  • Showcase your Business
  • Get your Online presence
  • Launch online ads
  • Create your offer campaigns
  • Manage your business reputation
  • Get yourself enlisted in top search engines
  • Talk to your Customers

and much more ....

By Registering/Claiming your Business on RightNXT you can handle your Business’s profile like the way you do it in person for yourself on other social websites.

In short, Good Profile will attract your customers and customer reviews will help you bring in more customers along with the feedback on your business.