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Code of Conduct

Rightnxt allows users to contribute different kinds of content, including reviews, photos and much more. Playing nice isn’t rocket science, but just in case, we’ve put together these general guidelines. Please also read the guidelines below for specific types of content that you might contribute to the site.

If there's one thing we truly love, it's sharing in all the great moments you have. Be it Good, Bad or Average based on your expectations- everything counts on Rightnxt.

While we welcome your opinions and descriptions of your experiences, there are a few things we expect from every user on Rightnxt. Your reviews and photos, as well as your profile and the comments you share, all should subject to our Content Guidelines, our User Code of Conduct.

If your activity on Rightnxt doesn't match up to these content guidelines, we reserve the right to take action as we deem necessary. This could include altering or deleting your reviews or comments, or deleting your Rightnxt account altogether, with or without notice. We have a combination of both Team and Technology continuously working on removing suspicious reviews.

User Code of Conduct

Photo guidelines

It's important to keep in mind our photo guidelines, and understand why some photos may be moved or removed once they've been added.

We will show photos with your review or on your profile depending on how useful it is to other users and how relevant it is to the review.

Exact duplicates, plagiarized photos, promotional content, photos of others posted without their permission, and very unpleasant or ugly photos that are not relevant will be removed altogether. Sorry, no room for negotiations here.

Guidelines for Businesses

Rightnxt is a great way for Businesses to reach out to the world. A few things you should keep in mind:

It's also important to note that we (Rightnxt) have no employees or affiliates who are paid to review. If any guest identifies themselves as an official blogger, review employee, or associate of Rightnxt, it's not true. Employees of Rightnxt are contractually and ethically forbidden from using their status. If you observe any such practice, report it to support@Rightnxt.com. Appropriate action will be taken against the user or employee if evidence can be provided.